Period Piece 

Tuesday morning I wake with stained panties A Red Sea parted before the day even started My sigh has aged My eyes can’t even roll anymore At this weird and messy curse This reminder that I’m a failure by design In the shower Red trickles down the leg I just cleaned As if to remind … Continue reading Period Piece 

Awfully Amazing

2016 was a YEAR y’all. Good things, great things, heartbreaking things happening at what seems like every turn now that I look back on it. I am glad to see it go.  My year started with the death of my idol – David Bowie left this world and then the world seemed to untie itself. … Continue reading Awfully Amazing

Best Friends

First there was Meghan. We were so very young, with families that were drastically different. Her parents were still married, smokers, cussers, encouragers. Mine were divorced, repulsed by any crude thing ever, over protectors. Her family welcomed me and we grew together for years – until they moved away. Her parents saved up a lot … Continue reading Best Friends

8 years

It has been 8 years 8 years since my doubt set in and I have struggled to find any sort of sanity in this deep south this deep south where the billboards tell me about my eternity and the car bumpers witness to me daily where I never have to pick up a bible- I only have … Continue reading 8 years