I am a series of creeks Flowing, flowing, flowing Into other people Malleable, impressionable I see parts of myself in every person I’ve known I have dripped on you and for that I am sorry I have penetrated your skin – I have twisted myself into your cells Our hearts beat in unison I have … Continue reading Creek


I often think of all the people that lived here before us I see them walk around our rooms I see them smile and wink and nod off to sleep In the same places we dream And plan I see them sitting by the fireplace, laughing Living effortlessly in the place that we worked so … Continue reading House

Period Piece 

Tuesday morning I wake with stained panties A Red Sea parted before the day even started My sigh has aged My eyes can’t even roll anymore At this weird and messy curse This reminder that I’m a failure by design In the shower Red trickles down the leg I just cleaned As if to remind … Continue reading Period Piece 

Our Palms

The person I love The person I am so deeply intertwined with Told me yesterday While pondering over flaky palms That he Doesn’t want smooth ones He told me that He prefers the calluses Because of the work he has found himself in Because he wants strong hands to match He prefers the hardness The … Continue reading Our Palms

Woman 13

I no longer have to worry about society’s idea of my body I have a woman’s shape at last I no longer have to worry about society’s ideas about my upbringing I have escaped the indoctrination of grade school And found myself in the suffocating debt of education Though I do have to worry about … Continue reading Woman 13